Austin Parrett

Austin Parrett is an Oklahoma City based pop artist who’s love for music is only matched by his keen fashion sense. Austin’s music evokes a mixture of upbeat dance rhythms as well as solemn dark melodies creating the age-old image of good vs. evil.  Already an experienced model, working with Austin was one of our more artistic collaborations.

Needing new press photos, Austin and his hairstylist, Blake Wallace, partnered with us to create multiple “looks” that would effectively capture his aesthetic. To do this, we incorporated a lot of black clothing as well as unique jackets, pants, and shoes to offset the dark with the light. Austin’s look had an Outsiders feel to it which was great for going between the clean-cut look and the unkempt bad boy. The outcome of the shoot had a psychedelic vintage rebel vibe mixed with both light and dark elements.

photographyLevi Mason